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Project Description

IJslander develops mega playground!

IJslanders first mega playground for children of all ages had been opened! The ‘play hotel’ stands in front of the supermarket Carrefour in Amiens, France. Children can play while their parents are shopping. The ‘play hotel’ is made of 100% reusable materials and developed in collaboration with Pro Urba France.

The design of the playground is based on stackable (lego) blocks. A tried and tested concept, which IJslander has transformed into transparent, stackable ‘containers’ full of climbing, creeping, sneaking, hanging, swinging, sliding and relaxing possibilities. All blocks contain different play values. For example, children can relax in one block while they can climb or play interactive games in another block. Additionally, this version of the ‘play hotel’ has laughing mirrors for children to entertain.

The playground is packed with play values and consists of several floors. These are built up to age. So the little ones can play on the ground floor, while older children can play on the upper floors. The higher the floor, the more adventurous the play values are.
Another advantage of the stackable playground: it can also be placed on smaller surfaces. Furthermore, the ‘play hotel’ is modular built, allowing the modules to be moved easily and quickly (within a day) to another location. So this playground is very flexible in use!
Safe & Transparent
The blocks are trimmed with firmly fixed nets, wooden trellis and stainless steel panels to ensure the safety of the playing children.

Because of the transparent design of the ‘play hotel’, parents and guardians can monitor the children.

Project Details

Client: Carrefour (France)

Tags: Ijslander, Play

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