Gelsenkirchen Bus station

Project Description

Client: City of Gelsenkirchen
Location: Gelsenkirchen

More modern, clearer and much more passenger-friendly – this is how the redesigned bus station in the center of the city of Gelsenkirchen presents itself. The extensive renovation began in March 2017 with the upgrading of the existing parking deck as a supporting structure for the new central bus station and ended on 08.08.2018 with the commissioning of the busiest stop in Gelsenkirchen: The numerous passengers now benefit from a greatly improved quality of stay and short distances, good transfer options through three departure areas, barrier-free access for the mobility impaired and the visually impaired thanks to a tactile guidance system as well as weather protection, benches and dynamic passenger information on all bus platforms.

Many different project participants contributed effectively to the success of this complex large-scale project in the city of Gelsenkirchen, including the umbrella working group of E. ZIEGLER Metallverarbeitung & mmcité + and the architecture office stefan schmitz bda Cologne.

The focus of the new bus station is on the futuristic-looking roofing elements of the three different stopping areas. The complex construction, which the Dach-ARGE was able to realize in a record construction time of only 4 months, is not only architecturally extremely remarkable, but also a masterpiece in terms of technology and quality.

The roof structure made and installed by mmcité + made of heavy steel with integrated lighting is divided into 3 sections: the approximately 73-meter-long, almost 9-meter-wide covered central island, the almost 80-meter-long, almost 6-meter-wide roof structure along the existing station center building and three individual passenger shelters, each 8 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, which made it possible to create a covered area of ​​around 1,200 m² at the central bus station. The project scope with a total volume of approx. € 2.8 million also included the equipment with numerous benches, waste bins, information and light steles as well as large information display cases.

ZIEGLER took over the project coordination and handed over the commercial management of the umbrella consortium to Thomas Baumgartner. As project manager, he again demonstrated his professional and personal problem-solving skills. In view of the lively activity on the construction site, weather-related delays and the short construction time available, the temporal and technical coordination with all the other trades proved to be a highly demanding task for the experienced architect with a great deal of coordination, the extensive on-site presence and close-knit arrangements required. All the more so since two rooms in the station center had to remain accessible during the entire construction period.

mmcité +, the cooperation partner and specialist for heavy steel traffic structures, implemented a fault-free roof system of excellent manufacturing and assembly quality with great technical expertise and a high level of individual commitment. The double-curved shell at the ends of the roof elements and the LED light strip integrated flush into the surface as a line of light, which give the structure a UFO-like appearance, required a special planning and construction effort as well as extreme precision work.

In Gelsenkirchen, the tried and tested working group of ZIEGLER & mmcité + has created a milestone in the field of heavy traffic structures and has impressively documented its project competencies: In addition to the outstanding technical standard of the roof system, the client and planners were impressed by the high level of commitment, adherence to deadlines and costs as well as resilience that the roof ARGE exhibited on this complex project.

Project Details

Client: Gelsenkirchen

Tags: Public transit stops, Shelters, Ziegler

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