1st Multi-level bike hub in UK

Project Description

The Leyton Super Hub was built as part of the Mini-Holland project under the London Borough of Waltham Forest Council. Waltham Forest were given £27million of funding by Transport for London to invest in making their streets more accessible and safe for all users. The funding was used to create designated spaces for cycling, including cycle routes, segregated cycle paths and cycle hubs for secure storage across the borough, redesigned public areas and pedestrianised high streets, and removing unnecessary motor traffic on residential streets
“We want to make cycling an enjoyable, safe and easy way of getting around, not just for people who already cycle but for people who might be thinking about cycling but have reservations. We want to use the scheme to increase cycling among residents. Getting more residents to jump on a bike will improve health and fitness levels, and reduce vehicle emissions to create a more pleasant environment for everyone. We recognise that people need to feel confident whilst cycling so in addition to making routes safer, we offer a range of activities to encourage people to jump on a bike and feel more confident about cycling.” – LB of Waltham Forest, Mini-Holland Scheme
Several Cycle Hubs were planned across the Borough, with the Cycle Hub at Leyton earmarked from the start of the project as being the flagship Hub. Situated in one of the busiest commuting areas and central to Leyton town, the Hub needed to be a beacon of the Mini-Holland project, encapsulating the passion and commitment of Waltham Forest towards cycling. Cyclepods submitted our two-storey design to Waltham Forest Council, ours was the only double level design and it opened the eyes of the Project Managers to the possibilities that could be achieved. Waltham Forest then decided that they would go bigger and better with the Leyton Hub, and decided to make it a project in it’s own right so it would make a bigger impact. Our proposed solution that provided more cycle parking spaces and maximised the use of the limited available space in an innovative and striking design.

Project Details

Client: Cycle hub for Waltham Forest (UK)

Tags: Bicycle, Cyclepods, Shelters

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