Platform roofing Hamburg-Oldenfelde

Project Description

Client: Deutsche Bahn
Location: Hamburg
The new Oldenfelde underground station not only improves the transport links between this district and downtown Hamburg, but commuters from the area can now also cycle to the underground and benefit from a generously dimensioned Bike + Ride station. Together with project partner mmcité +, E. ZIEGLER Metallverarbeitung GmbH implemented its first platform roof in Germany there and also supplied the appropriate bicycle parking infrastructure.

In December 2019, the new underground station in north-east Hamburg between the districts of Farmsen-Berne and Rahlstedt was officially opened. The above-ground stop on the U1 was subsequently added to the existing Hamburg subway network and was put into operation on time after only 22 months of construction. The Hamburger Hochbahn AG project, valued at around 20 million euros, was financed by the City of Hamburg and is a real novelty due to the active participation of the public. Unlike previous subway expansion projects, the future passengers were in the planning right from the start integrated, which explains the consistently positive response and high acceptance of the Hamburg-Oldenfelde stop. 4,500 residents can walk to the subway, however, the traffic planners expect 5,000 passengers a day in the future. Thanks to the new underground station, travel time to downtown Hamburg has been reduced to 22 minutes, which is almost half.

The specialty and greatest challenge of this complex overall project: All work on the new construction site had to be carried out between two existing stops and while the train was in operation, which involved considerable planning and coordination efforts. In addition, unexpectedly high groundwater levels impaired civil engineering and required structural adjustments.

Project Details

Client: Hamburg

Tags: Public transit stops, Shelters, VelopA, Ziegler

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